Data Communication

Connecting the Dots (DC1)

When it comes to data, unlike what some people say, the first thing you need to understand is not data, but context. You may be collecting all the most important data in the world, but without context, they are likely to be rendered useless.

“Data Communication” is a training program that will help you and your team learn to do exactly that redefining data through context, presentation and stories. This program has three distinctive goals, and before we get to them we’d like to share with you some of the things we’ll address:

· How to think creatively
· Understanding the difference between exploratory and explanatory analysis · Understanding how to build context
· Understanding the problem-solving mindset
· How to build insights through data
· How to use effective visuals in data presentation
· How to integrate data visualization and analytics
· How to build a solid narrative with analyzed data
  • Freewriting: Data
  • Reading material: Great Innovators Think Laterally
  • Lecture: Lateral vs. Vertical Thinking
  • Reading material: The Most Valuable Skill in Difficult Times is Lateral Thinking
  • Lecture: Problem-Solving Skills
  • Reading material: Unleashing the Power of Lateral Thinking
  • Reading material: Innovative Lateral Thinking for Leaders
  • Video: How to Workshop Innovative Ideas
  • Lecture: Tools in Framing Solutions
  • Case Study from HBR for Assignment
  • Assignment: Case Study
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed