Persuasive Writing

On Credibility and Authenticity (CTKemenlu-2)

How do we build credibility and authenticity in our writing? And why does it matter so much? The first thing to remember is that in any communication approach, it’s always important to understand that our message is only as effective as where it comes from. Having credibility and authenticity means we are able to convince our audience that the message we deliver has a strong basis of argument and persuasion — without which our communication effort may fall on deaf ears.
  • Open Book: Great Expectations
  • Lecture I: On Credibility
  • Reading Material: Improve Your Writing to Improve Your Credibility
  • Reading Material: Establishing Credibility in Persuasive Writing
  • Exercise 1: On Credibility
  • Reading Material: The Use of Active Voice
  • Exercise 2: Active x Passive Voices
  • Video: The Writer's Guide: Researching
  • Lecture II: On Authenticity
  • Reading Material: Authentic Communication
  • Exercise 3: On Authenticity
  • Video: The Importance of Authentic Communication
  • Lecture III: Build A Case
  • Assignment: Position Paper
  • Course Evaluation
  • Revised Assignment
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