The Principles of Good and Effective Writing (CT-Alodokter1)
Content Writing and Other Stories
The Principles of Good and Effective Writing (CT-Alodokter1)
This module will introduce you to several best-practice methods and case studies where excellent and persuasive writing produces high engagement among stakeholders and is powerful enough to drive lasting impacts. Key benefits: Structuring and...
Don’t Shoot the Messenger (CT-Alodokter2)
Content Writing and Other Stories
Don’t Shoot the Messenger (CT-Alodokter2)
In this module, you will learn the core elements of identifying the target audience and how it can tailor the message delivery process according to the audience’s proclivities. We will also introduce you to different content formats: articles,...
Narrative Design and Formats (CT-Alodokter3)
Content Writing and Other Stories
Narrative Design and Formats (CT-Alodokter3)
In this module, we will expose you to the concept of narrative design and its role in streamlining the logic of your writing. Moreover, you will also learn about three qualities in narrative content: informative, persuasive, and credible. Key...
Planning and Structuring (CT-CommBank1)
Effective Report Writing
Planning and Structuring (CT-CommBank1)
In this section, you will expose to the fundamental process before writing a report. You will learn how to map the purpose of a message to ensure every piece of information that needs to be included in the story is carefully selected to support...
Logic and Persuasion (CT-CommBank2)
Effective Report Writing
Logic and Persuasion (CT-CommBank2)
In this module, you will learn how to test your thesis against the working logic of the report and persuade the audience to digest the message conveyed within the information quickly, and use the language of precision to avoid misunderstanding...
Executive Summary (CT-CommBank3)
Effective Report Writing
Executive Summary (CT-CommBank3)
This module will learn how to summarize your report concisely and effectively based on the simple narrative design.
The Art of Rhetoric (CTKemenlu-1)
Persuasive Writing
The Art of Rhetoric (CTKemenlu-1)
What’s the use of persuasion? Persuasion is more art than science — and in its execution, it commands the most basic human elements such as trust, values and belief. In the context of business and professional communication, persuasion is a...
On Credibility and Authenticity (CTKemenlu-2)
Persuasive Writing
On Credibility and Authenticity (CTKemenlu-2)
How do we build credibility and authenticity in our writing? And why does it matter so much? The first thing to remember is that in any communication approach, it’s always important to understand that our message is only as effective as where...
Connecting the Dots (DC1)
Data Communication
Connecting the Dots (DC1)
When it comes to data, unlike what some people say, the first thing you need to understand is not data, but context. You may be collecting all the most important data in the world, but without context, they are likely to be rendered...
Data Analytics and Visualization (DC2)
Data Communication
Data Analytics and Visualization (DC2)
In this module, you will learn about the difference between infographics (data analytics) and data visualization — which is something most people always think are the same thing. They’re not. And if you know the difference, you’ll know how...

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